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Auto Expense & Log Mileage System Book
since 1919
General Information

The book is designed to meet the requirements of the car owner, who, for personal satisfaction or business reasons, wants to follow the exact costs of a cars operation. The book is arranged to produce these figures. Others, who want only fundamental costs - and who will not use all the book's features - will find it equally satisfactory and at a cost no greater than less efficient methods.

The book is a record of one year's operation arranged for the layman based on accounting principles. It is not a cash account but a cost system. The purpose of Housel's Auto Expense Book is to see that all cost items are properly accumulated to show actual auto costs as incurred monthly and yearly. This book can be used as a mileage log book, auto expense tracker and other auto expenses.

How to Use Auto Expense Book
Many customers start their Auto Cost Book in January. However, you can start your entries at the beginning of any month. Enter your auto expenses under the appropriate date and heading (gas, oil, etc). Major expenses (auto insurance, car payments) may be distributed monthly and are recorded in the "Monthly Charge" section. At the end of the month all auto expenses are compiled and recorded as the "Total Expense" for the month. Gas and mileage log totals for the month are also recorded in the appropriate locations. Monthly "Miles per Gallon" and "Cost per Mile" figures are calculated. These calculations are recorded in the summary portion of each month's page.

Summary for the Year

The summary for the year is located at the end of the book. For the analytical motorist who wants his costs broken down this summary will prove very interesting and informative. Each month's automobile expense totals are recorded in the 12 spaces provided, then added for a yearly total. Using the yearly mileage log, a "Cost per Mile" is calculated for each auto expense. The motorist now has a complete picture of his detailed vehicle costs arranged for monthly comparison and showing the "Cost per Mile" for each expense.

Housel's Auto Expense Book Also Helps you:

  • Track Auto Maintenance
  • Calculate Insurance and Depreciation Costs
  • Track Tire wear and costs
  • Track Gas Mileage
  • Mileage Log
  • Track Auto Repairs
  • Great for Sales People


Simply the BEST Auto Expense Book !

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